Nobody looks forward to painting their miniature, but everybody loves the appearance when it’s freshly painted. The disadvantages and headaches often associated with painting a miniature are laborious –or at least kept to a minimum–by choosing the ideal painting company.

Step one into a worry-free painting job is picking a company. In case you have never DIY painted a miniature before, consider yourself blessed. The extensive effort required to paint a miniature by you isn’t an experience that goes on a bucket listing. The money you may save by painting your miniature will be dropped from hair restoration products and anger management classes.

When you’ve come to your senses and started searching for a professional miniature painting service UK, there are a few qualities that distinguish the men from the boys in this business.


Possibly more significant to some painting contractor than paintbrushes, insurance is a must-have for anybody doing work on your own property. A valid painting contractor will carry, at the minimum, general liability coverage. The objective of this coverage is to safeguard you and the builder from any damages or injuries that can happen while the job is underway. If one of those painters drop from a ladder, the litigation could be pointed in the owner in the event the contractor isn’t insured for this accountability. Walk away fast from any builder who doesn’t have some form of insurance.


In case a painting company doesn’t have a clear standing available online or via references offered by the contractor, it’s generally for one of 2 reasons: one, that is their first job, or 2, they don’t want you to talk to previous customers. Either one of those possibilities is reason enough to look elsewhere. A respectable painter will gladly provide references, since there are only a few sales resources that are as powerful as a luminous referral.