Having been traveling widely for 15 years, I have always loved keeping a written memory of my experiences. Through time I have witnessed great changes in the way that someone can stay in contact with family and friends in your home. It was that I’d store all my ideas and adventures in my personal diary, feeling them at the present time and wishing that I could discuss my instant excitement with my nearest and dearest.

When I did return, I’d trouble conjuring up the very same feelings that I had while I was in there and people couldn’t relate to what I had been telling them.

Since I’ve found the world of Blogging, I have been able to bring people together with me in my trip. I no longer need to wait to inform people about the very outstanding thing that has happened to me personally and expect that they care to hear to. I am now able to place it in Fshoq! Travel Blog for people that are interested. They can read about my travels and discuss the experience with me. They could feel the emotions that I’m feeling in the gift and enjoy my delight or sorrow within an event or scenario that I’ve just seen. No more am I boring friends with slide shows and long-winded reports of my travels. They could read about it all themselves. When they don’t care to read about it to look in my submitted picture’s, it’s probable that they don’t care to listen a lot about it once I get home.

When on a protracted journey, I’m eager to input an Internet cafe and have a relation to the world in your home. It’s typically full of other travelers that I am able to meet and discuss stories with; also it moves time in the evenings far easier than hanging out independently in a guest home writing in a diary by myself.