The Labradoodle is among the greatest family friendly puppy breeds round, together with the intellect of a poodle and the adoring retriever character of their labrador in equal steps.

These puppies are usually extremely friendly equally to other puppies and individuals including young kids. They’re driven by meals and constantly hungry thus training them may be easy attained (they’ll do anything to get a treat and after they’ve recognized the simple fact that a particular behavior leads to a treat they will immediately catch and memories this).

Remember is quite simple to establish particularly if trained while they’re still in the puppy weeks (between 1 and 6 weeks old).

I am not positive whether that is exactly the same for many labradoodles but ours is super mischievous, in any given time he’ll have his mind in areas he should not, eat things that he should not and investigate completely everything!

You might have heard of the saying ‘he/she gets the end up his tail’. Together with the Labradoodle I love to refer to this as the ‘Doodle Dash’. Every now and then our labradoodle will go mad and pelt round the front room. This usually happens before ‘walkies’ time and can be hugely entertaining but not agrees with a leather couch as the video below shows!

Doodle Dash

Undesirable Traits of a Labradoodle

Chewing: Regrettably ours has developed a tenancy to munch on whatever he could get his paws on. The email is seldom received in a state that may be read, my spouse’s Ugg boots no more have soles on our property is littered with twigs and sticks which our adoring labradoodle has bitten off the bushes in the backyard and purchased indoors (via our cat flap) to chew till they resemble a mushy mess trodden into the carpet.