“Feedback is the breakfast of champions!” -Ken Blanchard

If you would like success in any area, you must learn how to focus on opinions. If you don’t understand what you would like, or you don’t understand what you’re getting, then there’s absolutely not any method to get where you need to go.

Meditation isn’t any different. You need to keep tabs on the outcomes you’re receiving so as to secure far better outcomes.

Meditation Feedback Hint:

Don’t forget to Keep Going! This permeates the entire thing. Frequently once you visit One Mind Dharma, you sometimes hit a wall in which it seems you can’t be bothered to continue doing it. This is an indication it’s working! This is the final layer of immunity… like some part of you’re pulling you from the arm and saying “But waits… why not simply go back to how things were?” Now, just take it… and understand that as you let go of that last immunity and keep going, you’ll have developed a custom that could help you for the rest of your life. There’s also a degree past this… a marginally more insidious challenge that comes up. If it appears that you’re really reaping the advantages, feeling really mindful and relaxed almost all of the time, and actually having the ability to observe the energy of meditation on your daily life… you may happen across a distance in which it feels like it doesn’t matter if you continue practicing. Now… keep going! Continue your practice… there’s always another level you are able to take it to… there’s always another puzzle to unravel… and if you don’t keep going, a number of your prior results may start to fade.