For the customers’ health and the health of the environment, picking a safe reusable water bottle for promotional merchandise is essential. Everybody knows that the best way to go green with water is to drink it out of the tap at a glass. However, that is not sensible for those on the go. People on the go need something to place their water.

There are several different forms of custom water bottles in the marketplace. There are the normal plastic ones that you get from the supermarket or gas station. However, there are large issues with those. They’re the worse type it is possible to opt to drink from since they are made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate), which escapes DEHP (Bis (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate) after repeated use and is a likely carcinogen. These can also harbor germs in the cracks and fractures, which isn’t good for health.

The plastic sports bottle is your upcoming reusable water bottle, but is not that secure. These are made from polycarbonate, which escapes BPA, a synthetic hormone that could mimic estrogen and lead to prostate cancer.

A better to assist your customers drink their own water on the go would be to provide them aluminum water bottles. Aluminum bottles are a lot safer, can be readily cleaned, and are reusable.

However, the best option for the customers on the go would be stainless steel bottles. They don’t leak, don’t break or crack, nor socialize with whatever you’re consuming. The water or drink within the water bottles also remains relatively chilly. They’re the most powerful bottles to drink out of.

Overall, the most powerful reusable water bottles to use as promotional goods would be the aluminum water bottles and stainless steel water bottles. They’re also the ideal method to go green, since they are reusable rather than must get recycled. If properly maintained and cleaned, they could last a lifetime.