As a professional painting contractor for at least thirty years I’ve heard literally hundreds of horror stories from clients about their previous experience using miniature painting service. One of the most frequent stories I have heard include painting contractors that have got a down payment by the client rather than returned who weren’t really painting contractors but only plain crooks, painting builders that began their job and their job was so poor that the client has been made to request the contractor to depart. These are only a few the normal stories I have learned and continue to hear from clients. In the following guide, we’ll take a look at everything you can do to protect yourself if you choose to engage the services of a painting contractor.

Even though there are lots of places to discover an excellent painting contractor like the world wide web, yellow pages or the local paper, the ideal place to begin is by asking friends, relatives and colleagues what painting contractors they’ve used previously and ask what type of experience they’ve had with a specific painting contractor. Be certain that you ask if they have been happy with their job, the cost and the length of time it took the painting contractor to finish the job. You might also check with the regional paint shop and ask them for a recommendation. If you cannot track down a painting contractor in one of these resources, then you may turn to a regional Better Business Bureau and ask if they could provide recommendations.

To start with ask the contractor to get a certification of insurance. Quality contracting companies will be only too pleased to offer you copies of the certificates of insurance. Not all countries and municipalities require licensing nevertheless firm registration with your state and municipality is normally a minimal requirement.