Many of us really love spending time watching cricket and also football matches. Nevertheless, you will find not many people who understand a great deal about a cricket ground or maybe a football pitch, the parts which have the largest roles in doing these gaming systems popular. In this post, we’ve reviewed about the most crucial component of any cricket ground i.e. the pitch. The section psl player list below is going to educate you about various kinds of pitches, where the game of cricket is played.

What’s a Cricket Pitch?

The word “pitch” is utilized for the strip of land where batsmen bat and bowlers bowl. Cricket pitches are usually rectangular in shape; they’re twenty two yards in length and ten feet in width. All of the slimmer ends of this particular rectangular surface has 3 cricket stumps placed on it. It popular synonym of cricket pitch is “wicket”.


Cricket pitches can be of various kinds. They’re possibly bowling friendly or perhaps batsmen friendly. Nevertheless, there are also a number of wickets that support both batsmen and bowlers. The cricketing term utilized for pitches that support both batsmen and bowlers is “sporting wicket”. Continue reading to collect information about the 3 primary types of twenty two yard strips utilized in cricket.

Dead pitches: The bulk of the modern day wickets are of the kind, especially the people on what T20 and ODI matches are played. These pitches are batsmen friendly and also don’t have something in them for all the bowlers to exploit. Dead cricket wickets are deep brown and blackish brown in color and are incredibly challenging. They don’t have some green grass on them. Rollers are utilized for taking away also the last fall of water out of the level of grass on old wickets; this profitably stops them from offering some help on the quick bowlers.

Dusty pitches: These pitches are located largely in the subcontinent. Unlike the dead pitches, that are very difficult, the dusty wickets are soft. This’s because those responsible for preparing the pitch don’t come in the clay properly. This pitch type gives excellent assistance to spin bowlers. Batsmen with abilities that are excellent, nonetheless, don’t think it is hard to score runs while playing for a dusty pitch.